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Point of Order!

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Session Schedule: Aug 17, 2018
6:00PM - 8:00PM
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Copresented with New Plaza Cinema

Dir. Emile de Antonio, Dan Talbot (US, 1964, 97 min)

One of the most remarkable political documents of our time, Point of Order! is a hilarious, often exasperating journey into the inevitable fall of one of America's greatest political demagogues.

For five incredible weeks in 1954, millions of Americans tuned in to watch as U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy's reckless crusade to expose Communist subversion in the U.S. Army backfied against the pressure of televised media. With Roy Cohn at his side, McCarthy's innuendoes and unsubstantiated claims against the Army were no match for the "heroic" Joe Welch. As Special Counsel for the U.S. Army, the meek and mild-spoken Welch unmasked McCarthyism and further pushed Joe McCarthy into political oblivion.

The sheer theatricality of the Army-McCarthy Hearings also serves as a milestone in the history of television and its manipulative influence over the evolution of our political system.

This screening will be followed by a tribute to Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and a rooftop champagne reception sponsored by Wohlfarth & Associates with Toby Talbot and others commemorating 30 years of Lincoln Plaza films.

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