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Session Schedule: Feb 27, 2018
7:00PM - 9:00PM
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Co-Presented by The Joseph Stern Center for Social Responsibility

Dir. Jeremy Kagan (US, 2017, 89 min.)

Mark (ER's Noah Wyle) and Phoebe are in the midst of a breakup. Miguel, a bullied teenager, gets an illegal gun and accidentally shoots Mark. In real time we experience the consequences of someone getting shot. The story tracks the events of what medical professionals call "the golden hour," with EMTs and ER teams attempting to save Mark's life. We share Mark’s shock, pain, anger, fear, humor, guilt, grief, and desire for vengeance and potential redemption, and see how all this affects his troubled relationship with his wife. After the hour of terror, we come upon the three main characters five months later, and see how their lives have been turned upside down, leading to a confrontation.

"A strong, empathetic turn by Noah Wyle as a chance shooting victim anchors the absorbing and authentic Shot, helmed by veteran film and TV director Jeremy Kagan." - L.A. Times

Screening followed by Q&A with Jeremy Kagan

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