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Let Me See That Good Land: The Story of a Human Life
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Session Schedule: Apr 25, 2017
7:00PM - 9:00PM
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Avivah Zornberg

"Moses fails to enter Canaan not because his life is too short but because it is a human life." - Kafka

Moses' fundamental sense of himself as "not a man of words" comes to a poignant consummation in the long speeches he makes to the people before he dies. What is his purpose in these speeches, and particularly in his narrative about his desire to "cross over to the other side" (of the Jordan)? We will read midrashic and Chassidic material that raises questions about the movement of desire - about transitions, transmissions, and transferences. What does it mean to learn to speak?

Dr. Avivah Zornberg returns to the JCC with her uniquely insightful reading of biblical text.

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